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Medskyline Healthcare Business Process Management provides you a comprehensive end-to-end solution to ensure your entire revenue cycle is functioning effectively to promote the maximization of your revenue. Our experienced team will ensure that your portfolio will receive the attention necessary to maximize recoveries, while providing you with the level of service required to build a long-term partnership. We have experienced management and process consultants that have worked with various healthcare organizations and will work closely with you to understand and resolve business and process issues.

Medskyline is ISO 27001 certified and will ensure that patient records remain confidential through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other Privacy Regulations. Let us take care of your business process needs quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee of quality, while you focus on your core activities.

End to End Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our end-to-end Medical Billing Services portfolio drives down your costs, reduces re-work, improves productivity, and revenue cycle outcomes dramatically.We make outsourcing simple and the transition to working with our team a quick and easy one. Our streamlined medical billing processes are designed to put our workforce at your fingertips as soon as we get started. We see our staff as an extension of your team.

Patient Demographics Entry and Charge Entry

Our team of highly experienced billing professionals perform the charge entry functions. Our highly trained Data Entry Team and Quality Control Team makes sure that all data is entered exactly as provided. We understand the importance of making sure that insurance ID numbers, claims address and all demographic and insurance information is entered correctly and directly impacts claim payment.

Visit Coding

Our billers have the added knowledge of working on multi specialty practices, they know how to match CPT codes to diagnosis codes so that the claims get paid. Our team is also well versed in working on a variety of medical billing software. With this added advantage we can get started right away, saving staff training time and effort.

Payment Posting

We have experienced and well trained billing professionals knowledgeable of different kind of EOB’s (Explanation Of Benefits) across ALL PAYERS posting MANUAL and ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS. Payments received from Patient’s and Insurance Companies are posted to the patient accounts in the client’s medical billing system. The posted payments are balanced against the bank deposit slips to ensure payments received are reconciled on a day to day basis.

Denial Management

Our experienced and proactive denial management team carefully analyze your remittance advice to identify the root causes of denials, zero pays, claim reversals and meticulously work on them until the claim is closed out.

A/R Follow-Up

Collection of Accounts Receivable is essential to any medical practice but it is not an easy task. Medskyline employs professionals and follows efficient methods to recover the receivables through our Internal Accounts Receivable Software which helps in easy analysis of the outstanding receivables and effective follow-up with insurance companies.

Provider Credentialing

This is a very critical function for the providers to become a part of a payor network and to receive better revenue realization. Our experienced staff thoroughly and meticulously performs the credentialing for providers by reviewing the necessary documents and filling out the required forms.

Credit Balance Resolution

Incorrect adjustments, erroneous credits and misuse of debit codes makes Credit Balance tasks quite challenging, requiring precision, attention to detail and a focus on operational excellence. Medskyline analysts are diligent and well trained to ensure outstanding credit balances are accurately resolved.

Eligibility & Benefits

In the era of high patient deductibles, we help take on the heavy lifting of gathering both eligibility and benefits before the patient visit. This is an essential service for your clients as they struggle with increasing patient payment responsibilities.

Platform Experience

(Including, But Not Limited To)

Our highly trained agents, quality and compliance processes will speed your administrative operations, thus allowing you free to concentrate on increasing your business. Our processes will help increase your revenues while reducing your costs. We can guarantee human resources-related cost savings of 30 to 50% through reduced payroll.

Let us partner with you to improve your productivity, reduce staff recruiting and training time, clear all the backlogs, and keep the claims submission up to date, thereby boosting your revenue.


The following are the services we cover :

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Medical Coding
  • Patient Demographics
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Charge Entry
  • Claim Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Posting
  • Reconciliation
  • Returned Mail
  • Refunds
  • Provider Data Updates
  • Adjustments and Write-off
  • Patient Follow-up
  • Insurer Follow-up
  • Receivables / Denial Analysis

Our call center employees are trained to identify patient accounts that require follow-up, analyze the possibilities for the delay, follow-up with the insurance carrier to address the problems and rectify the identified problems.

The synergy of cutting-edge technology and highly qualified staff allows Medskyline to increase your cash flow, reduce A/R days, improve collection ratio and increase the probability of payment through timely follow-up.

The following are the services we cover :

  • Receivables Analysis
  • Payer Follow-up
  • Denials Management
  • Practice Analysis
  • Reporting

At Medskyline, we provide Accurate & Confidential transcription services, at a competitive cost. Our high quality transcription services will satisfy all your transcription needs. Different turn-around time options are available to suit your transcription requirements.

We handle a variety of files including Discharge Summary, Death Summary, Progress Notes, Clinical Notes, Emergency Notes, Surgical Notes, History & Physical, Radiology, Consultation Reports, Office Visits, Physician Letters and Psychiatry Reports etc.

Medskyline provides you with the ability to keep up with your growing clientele, without all the expensive office space and equipment.

No time, money or frustration spent on training new employees No social security taxes, health / life insurance, workers compensation paper work hassles.
With Medskyline, there is no sick / holiday / vacation pay.
No more temporary worker recruitments for your overloads.


We have the facility to take care of these and more. You pay for the transcription only.