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Medskyline is a leading technology and platform led home-based care revenue cycle company. Our world-class global capability centers in the US and India enable us to provide superior human cognition, thought leadership, workflow with AI, SAS based analytics, and healthcare hyper-automation


Coding & Reimbursement system is the backbone of the medicine business.


We Enhanced the Patient Experience Through the Patient Contact Centers.


Comprehensive & effective services designed to improve your cash flow.


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Welcome to

Welcome to Medskyline, a company whose business goals are aligned with yours, from the fee to the service configuration. These are exciting and challenging times for the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) business. Healthcare provider expectations have skyrocketed.

A tightening regulatory and reimbursement framework on one side and cost pressures from your customers on the other, squeeze your margins. There couldn’t be a better opportunity for us to help you make headway. We have all the tools, the management expertise and the process end-to-end engagement model to make it happen. We can even help you take on future challenges, Viz. cost savings, technology, performance guarantees, or sharing in your risks.

Medskyline difference

– Why it matters

While most offshore outsourcing companies rest content as back-office process vendors promising cost savings, they are unsuitable growth partners. Medskyline in contrast is a partner whose solutions dovetail into your processes, systems and financial layers. We partake in your risks while building and deploying the service and technology solutions your business demands. This approach binds our goals, even as it helps us walk your path and win new business.

Powered by Experience, Expertise and Entrepreneurship

We have on board a core management team with over a decade of man years of experience in RCM. Our powerhouse of experts specializes in operations, technology, coding, solutions, business intelligence, and customer service. Our executive team is a combination of internally nurtured leadership and carefully chosen, laterally-acquired talent. Our depth and width of experience in various specialties and software, rises far above our size. It is deployed across billing systems, specialty and state.

Compliance reassured

Medskyline is a SOC II Type II, HIPAA-compliant organization.

Privacy & Security: Our processes and systems are HIPAA Legislation-compliant, and safeguard PHI. All PHI that Medskyline accesses is stored within the United States, in data centers that are SOC2 Type2-compliant, or on client’s servers. Our staff-level computing resources have no storage or file sharing capabilities. We are a 100% paper-less, printer-less, copier-less operation, with all facilities access-controlled, using biometrics. All access to PHI is role-based, monitored, tracked and recorded. All delivery centers are under 24×7 CCTV surveillance.

Masking PHI

Medskyline takes PHI seriously. So all data that we access to operate our technology platforms is de-identified so PHI is masked or scrambled. This algorithm of deidentification and reidentification is built by Medskyline and is completely hosted in the US within customer networks. This gives our clients peace of mind that PHI resides safely within their networks whilst exploiting the best technology options provided by Medskyline.

Revenue Cycle Management

Comprehensive and effective services designed to improve your cash flow

Medskyline is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management Services empowering healthcare organizations to achieve business transformation and growth through our innovative healthcare information system and services. An experienced Medical billing and coding company knows that a strategic approach to insurance and patient billing generates greater results. This makes us a premier on/offshore billing company, supporting our clients to achieve cash flow success. We understand that every client is different. We don’t stand on ceremony around our company standards. We strive to help you achieve your objectives by doing whatever is necessary to get the job done and consistently work towards achieving operational excellence to earn more business.

up to 30%

More Cash Collected

Boost 20%

Improvement in Outstanding Account Collections

Raising 30%

Improvement in Patient Pay Adherence


Charges Billed per Year

Patient Data

Scheduling, Patient Registration, Coverage Capture, Eligibility Verification


Coding from the Medical Record EMR Coding Audit


Claims Entry, Edit, Transmission Rejection Management


ERA Posting, Credit Balance Management and Reconciliation


Denial Handling, AR Follow-up, Low Pay Analysis, Appeals